I dont own the rights to the original space invaders game or any of the game assets (except the main music). This game was made for educational purposes (final project for a HTML videogame course), so I don't pretend to earn money with it.


Left/Right arrows: Left/Right

A: Attack/Shoot


This game was made with Phaser 2.2.4 Coramen with Brackets. It's my final project for a course I'm taking every saturday. I challenged myself with the goal of making a replica (or a very similar product) without actually playing the game, so I took as a guide or reference this video:

There are things that are still missing (such as the green blocks that blocks the invaders attack) and some visual styles like the correct typography or the possibility of having two players. The aforementioned were compromised due my knowledge of the framework, and i'm looking forward to develop a better experience in the future when I know a little more about Phaser :).



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